Anxiety - Its a disorder not a decision

Why do you feel that way?
Why are you anxious?
You are being silly
Stop worrying

The list carries on. I have had all of those said to me, and much more. For people to believe I can just turn my anxiety off once they have told me to 'Stop Worrying' is just beyond me. I didn't chose to live with anxiety, its a disorder not a decision.
My anxiety got worse once I had my children. I have woken up in the middle of the night and burst into tears over fears of something happening to either of them. I have always been anxious in new situations, to the point I would constantly cancel plans or change my mind because I had days I felt stronger than others. In the past I've been labelled rude for not being chatty or seeming sociable at family gatherings. So I stopped attending most for fear of being called that.

Mental health is not easy, please don't judge what you do not understand. Its not something I want or enjoy. Understanding, patience and support is the best 'medicines' you can give.

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