Truthful post about mummy bullying

What is it with mums bullying other mums?
Our job as a mummy is by far the toughest job out there, so why aren't we supporting each other? Instead we criticize and pass judgement on other mums. There is no manual for our job, we learn as we go, and yes we make mistakes, and that is okay. 
We learn by making mistakes, by putting the nappy on back to front, by forgetting how many scoops of formula we've put in so far so we have to start again, by being too tired to wash up the bottles before bed so when the baby wakes up screaming at two am its a mad dash to quickly wash and sterilise them before baby wakes the entire house hold up. 
Does any of that make us a bad mum? No, of course not, we are human and we make mistakes. That does not give anyone the right to judge you or make you feel anything other than like a bloody super hero. Because lets face it, that's what we are. Us mums are super hero's just without the cape. 
Everyone has an opinion on the right and wrong way to parent, but lets be truthful, it is just that, an opinion. And that is also okay, we can have differences in opinions. 

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